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"IHH has years of experience in software and hardware integration of mobile phones and wireless routers, as well as a proven track record of serving large global brand customers. Since IHH's inception, we have attracted top industry talents and assisted a wide range of customers towards building their online business systems and applications, including specialized experience in serving our enterprise customers."
The Era ofVideo+
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Our Exceptional Solution for Video Applications
Relayed Communication
The communication mechanism created based on Web-RTC can be used for web communication and communication within APPs formed with web-view function.
Direct Communication without Relay Server
The APP developed based on IHH's patented technology (arctos) can enable multi-party encrypted direct communication without the need of using any relay server.
Relayed Communication Mechanism: How to Expand the Number of Video Rooms?
Peer-to-Peer Direct Communication: arctos SDK
arctos Device SDK
arctos User SDK

We integrate

technology into the SDK

Individual useDevelop individual video interaction and communication functions
Corporate useCan be embedded in existing APPs or product software
arctos P2P Direct Communication SDK
IHH integrates its years of R&D achievements, smart device software, and hardware integration development experience, as well as multiple network communication and remote transmission technologies, to create the arctos direct connection encryption transmission technology. This technology is provided in our SDK to product teams, as well as authorization for device manufacturers to develop and create applications or products with remote video communication functions.
arctos Video Conference and Collaboration System
The main structure of the arctos video conference and collaboration system is built by combining the APPs developed by the arctos SDK and the web communication system using relay servers. The administration system includes a back-end system, middle platform and related APIs. Furthermore, the functions from our key partners are integrated as business kits to provide to participants during the video conference, including ID recognition, facial recognition, facial recognition signature, etc. Many large institutions have adopted our system since it went live in 2021.
arctos Video Applications and Services
The 'ISS Interactive Surveillance System and Service' is the first product launched focusing on providing small businesses, merchants, and device manufacturers with APPS integrated with the arctos SDK, developed from the arctos Video Conference and Collaboration system. The ISS system can perform real-time communication, simultaneously view information and images from multiple surveillance devices and obtain data such as foot traffic and customer interaction, helping business owners to improve their operations. The ISS system will continue to provide more innovative products and services, and will be the main focus of our future developments in AI functions and enhancements.
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2023, UDN Startup Star, Top 6
2022, 5G Craft Competition, Champion
2022, FinTech Taipei Awards, Champion
2022, FET Enterprise Solution, Best Partner
2020, 19th Communication Competition of MOEA, Champion
2021, Qualcomm QITC, Top 10
2020, Chunghwa Startup Acceleration, Innovative Technology Award
2020, 5G+ Industrial Ecosystem Program of MOEA-IDB, Awardee
2020, StarFab of Cloud Computing & IOT Association in Taiwan, Selected Team
2020, MOEA, International Business Development Award
2020, AI Star of International Acceleration Program, Team of Final Competition
2020, Systex Award of GlobalHack
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