Core technologies - IOEX
Based on the distributed node network, it constructs a cross-device direct-connected video and file transfer and access mechanism, giving AIoT vertical applications the ability to remotely transfer files, interact and communicate without a relay system.

Type: Software Development Kit
User: AIoT vertical application
  • System integrator
  • Smart device developer
  • APP software developer
Subject: Smart devices, applications, system, software
Purpose of use: Provide data transmission, streaming, communication interactive function
  • parallel multiplexing:
    • Video streaming
    • mega file transfer and access
    • parallel transmit of data transfer and streaming

  • Simultaneously:
    • parallel end-to-end
    • parallel end-to-many
    • group
  • No need for any relay system, a virtual private tunnel to transfer data.
  • streaming, data transmission and access function.
  • System operation: low-cost, cybersecurity.
  • Features: privacy protection, highly interactive.
IOEX's AIoT application field
Develop and extend the streaming transmission, access, and interactive functions of smart devices through IOEX solutions.
Remote transmission and access
Devices management: Back up files to the device and retrieve files from the remote device, including full download or streaming.
One-to-many management
Files batch management, which includes download and transfers to particular objects.
Automatic object-to-object interaction
Automatic link mechanism: Multiple devices can transmit data and communicate with each other.
Communication and interaction
Used to develop communication functions
One-to-many remote communication
Parallel communication tools can be used for one-to-many transmission or one-to-many reception.
Group management and transmission
To create group chats and live broadcast.
Data exchange, file transmission, and interactive communication required for various industries to enter the field of AIoT.
Features of Arctos Smart Interactive Solution
iHH Co., Ltd. develops the IOEX SDK and build interactive communication software based on IOEX. The Arctos smart interactive solution allows users to install the Arctos APP on their mobile phones or tablets to enjoy privacy protection, multi-screen integrated video, and communication experience.

First product

Product sales:
  • Private VPN device
  • Arctos Broadcast Receiver Box
  • Arctos video storage

First app

Feature subscription:
  • Live Broadcasting and switcher APP
  • Composite image template
  • PNG Icon & Communication
Arctos Smart Interactive Solution
A series of "multi-screen content integration and communication" application services based on the IOEX SDK solution.

  • Long-distance direct transmission without a relay server brings privacy protection and low-cost solutions to users.
  • each packet is transmitted after multiple encryptions.
  • Parallel streaming and complete data transfer
  • One-to-many or group interaction
Arctos smart Interactive Solution does not require any cloud or local server, all transmissions are performed on edge devices.

The Arctos function is based on the IOEX SDK. It does not require a central system or relay system to transmit data. However, Arctos has a membership system, and Arctos users can get a variety of extended functions through the membership system, such as compatibility and interaction with partner systems. It even provides AI functions, embeds plugin provided by cloud service providers, such as translation tools, facial recognition, etc.

Arctos' solutions are in a cooperative and complementary relationship with cloud service providers.
Organization participation