1. Scope of Application

(1) When you register as a member of HuanXiong Intelligence Co., Ltd. or use our services (such as arctos ISS Interactive Monitoring System and Member Dashboard), you agree to the processing and use of your personal information by us in accordance with this privacy policy. (2) "Personal information" refers to information that can be used to identify your identity, including but not limited to the name, username, password, and email address you provide to us.

2. Types of Collected Personal Data

(1) User-Provided Data: When you join as a member of HuanXiong, we will request necessary personal information such as email address, name, and password. If you register through a third-party account, we will store your third-party user information, such as name, email address, language preferences, and personal photos, in our system. This information will only be used as described in this privacy policy. You can register as a member through third-party services such as Google, Microsoft, APPLE, etc. (2) Information Collected through Applications, Browsers, and Devices: When using our service through applications, browsers, and devices, we collect information including IP address, device identification, browser type, operating system, internet service provider, and internet protocol address. Additionally, we may collect device event information such as system errors, crash logs, and other server logs. Our website may also use cookies to improve user experience. You can control the types of information we collect to some extent by configuring your browser and device. (3) To provide this service, you need to provide us with specific categories of data, including personal data required for registering as a member. If you cannot provide this data, we may be unable to fulfill our contractual obligations.

3. Collection Purposes and Processing Methods

(1) Service Provision: We use the collected data to provide services, such as recording the usage details of the APP when you use the arctos ISS interactive monitoring system. If you have questions or provide feedback, we will communicate with you through your contact information. This data processing is to fulfill our contract with you and provide corresponding services. (2) Personalized Services: We analyze the collected data to understand how users use our services, thereby providing a personalized experience. This data processing is based on the reasonable interest of improving service quality and ensuring that you have a personalized service experience. (3) Sending Newsletters and Marketing Information: If you subscribe to our newsletters, we will send newsletters and marketing information to you via email. We process this data for marketing purposes because we believe this information may be of interest to you. You can unsubscribe at any time; please refer to the instructions at the bottom of the emails we send for specific methods. (4) Managing Website Activities: If you participate in contests, competitions, surveys, or promotional activities on our website, we use the provided data to manage these activities. This data processing is for organizing and conducting these activities and ensuring your participation. (5) Improving Our Services: We may process information collected in research and analysis to improve the service experience, enhance service security, and stability. This is to protect your interests and ensure you enjoy a secure and continually improving service.

4. User Rights

(1) You can exercise your rights, including inquiries, requests for access, obtaining copies, supplementation or correction, stopping collection, processing, utilization, restricting usage, or deleting your personal data, through the"Contact Us" page on our website (https://www.ihh.tw/about). (2) If you request us to stop or limit the collection, processing, utilization, or deletion of your personal data, we may be unable to continue providing services or ensure a complete service experience, depending on your request.

5. Security Protection

We implement appropriate data protection, storage, and processing mechanisms, as well as data security measures, to prevent theft, tampering, damage, loss, or disclosure of your personal data and transaction information.

6. Retention Period

Arctos Account Data:
(1) Your Arctos account data, including email address, name, and password, will be retained until you actively delete your Arctos account or when your account becomes inactive for any reason. If you use the same Arctos account to connect to multiple Arctos products, we will continue to retain your account data as long as you continue to use or subscribe to any Arctos product. To delete or deactivate your Arctos account, you can contact our customer service through https://www.ihh.tw/about. Please note that after deleting the account, all files stored in Arctos will be permanently removed. Since Arctos products and services share the same account, once the account is deleted, you will no longer be able to use any Arctos products or services, and the original account data cannot be recovered. (2) To comply with legal requirements and business practices (including tax regulations and accounting procedures) or to provide services related to Arctos products, we may need to retain your personal data within the necessary scope.

7. Data Sharing and Disclosure

We will not share user's personal data with any third party unless under the following circumstances: (1) With your consent: We will only share your data with third parties within the scope of your explicit consent. (2) Legal requirements: If required by law or through a legitimate request from government agencies, we may need to provide personal data to third parties. (3) Third-party services: To support our business operations or management activities (such as newsletter distribution or surveys), we may need to share your data with third parties, and we will request them to follow our instructions, comply with this privacy policy, and take appropriate confidentiality and security measures. (4) Partners: We may share integrated general statistical information with partners, subsidiaries, or advertisers, which cannot identify individual identities. (5) De-identified data: We may share data that has been integrated or de-identified, as this data cannot be used to identify individuals. (6) Non-personal data: We may publicly disclose, sell, or rent integrated or de-identified statistical information, such as application usage, as this information cannot be used to identify individuals. (7) Enforce service terms: To enforce service terms, investigate abuse, or address security and technical issues, we may share personal data with third parties. (8) Corporate changes: In the event of mergers, acquisitions, or asset sales, we will protect the confidentiality of personal data and notify affected users before transferring any personal data.

8. Third-Party Websites or Services

(1) Our websites, applications, and services may contain links, services, and advertisements provided by third parties. These are not within our operational scope and are not subject to this privacy policy. We are not responsible for the data collection, processing, and usage practices of third parties. Users should familiarize themselves with the service terms and privacy policies of third parties before using these links, services, and advertisements. (2) We may automatically send emails and notifications to users to determine access levels based on using our services. Additionally, we use third-party services to process payment matters, including using automated decisions to prevent high-risk payments.

9. Data Transfer

Your personal data may be processed on servers located outside your country. Regardless of where your data is processed, we will provide protection consistent with this privacy policy and comply with relevant regulations for the international transfer of personal data. If your data is transferred overseas or to third-party organizations, we will ensure that this complies with adequacy determinations; or in cases where it does not, we will implement appropriate Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC) to ensure the security of your data.

10. Amendments to the Privacy Policy

(1) Due to the rapid development of technology, Huankong may periodically update this privacy policy to comply with relevant legal requirements and reflect changes in law, technology, or business. It is your responsibility to regularly check this privacy policy. Your continued use of Huankong's products or services will be deemed as your acceptance of the updated privacy policy. If you do not agree to the new privacy policy, please discontinue the use of Huankong's products or services. (2) When we update the privacy policy, we will publish the latest policy on Huankong's website and promptly notify you through the application or email.

11. Right to Lodge a Complaint

You have the right to lodge a complaint with the regulatory authority in your country. If you have concerns about the way we handle your personal data, we sincerely hope that you will contact us before reaching out to the regulatory authority, giving us the opportunity to assist in resolving your issues.

12. Contact Us

If you have any questions about the privacy policy, data transfer, or products of Huanhong, please contact us through the following website: https://www.ihh.tw/