Arctos System,
An interactive communication system
builds for Business.
accelerated by 5G An interactive communication system builds for Business.
To meet your needs in business operations A remote interactive communication system
fast and easy An interactive communication system builds for Business.
Encrypted, end-to-end transmition without any relay server
Estimated your cost easily An interactive communication system builds for Business.
Run Arctos solution without occupying the system resource.
for more innovation An interactive communication system builds for Business.
Create more products and services via Arctos System
A solution without relay server
Assist enterprises in communication services from time, cost, encryption.

Assist enterprises in communication services from time, cost, encryption.
Arcots Network
iHH uses Arctos SDK to build numerous bootstrap nodes and service nodes to form an Arctos Network.

The Arctos SDK base smart devices will log in to Arctos Network to connect to other devices, without any relay server to have audio-visual communication and all transmission function.

iHH can also build an "exclusive independent network" for enterprises to have their own communication system.
Arctos Chat
1 to 1
The one-to-one communication function is the basic component of the Arctos Service.

No need for any server or fixed IP, both parties can connect encrypted directly, and have audio-visual communication, file transmission at once.

It can also be integrated with a cloud system or business system.
Arctos Chat
the smart devices can connect as a group to do the communication or data transmission without any server or fixed IP. Click on any image to zoom in or out.

The group data transmission could also be integrated with a cloud or business system.
Arctos Live
No need to set up a server or fixed IP, the Arctos Live (APP) can turn your smart devices into a live broadcast switcher. The mobile can remotely transmit video to a streaming platform like YouTube or Arctos Private Box at the same time.

The APP includes screen switching, screen integration (picture-in-picture or split-screen), watermark, and text card; it can adjust the resolution and frame rate (FPS) and record while broadcasting.

The Arctos Switch can receive three streaming channels from Arctos Client, and it can also use its own video with external video for broadcasting.

Not only receiving streamings, Arctos Switch can also integrate the streaming and send it back to all Arctos Clients for multi-party instant messaging.

Arctos Live can be integrated with the cloud or business system.
Build your business communications system fast and easy

Step 1
Select communication mode
Step 2
Import Arctos function
Step 3
Run in business system
Step 4
A communication system automatically done!

Pain Points
Arctos提供遠距影音通訊功能,可用於輔助進行線上會面,能讓企業的線上業務,包含線上展位、官網、APP、Landing page等,都可以 輕易具備 遠距影音通訊和商務服務能力。桓竑智聯使用公有雲和自建的分散節 點網路 建置一套解決方案。
Operating Cost!
When companies provide internal or external communication tools as services, they will need to continue to pay transmission fees and server fees. which is huge but can't stop expenditure.

If it is a legal franchise business, they won't able to use SaaS or API, which will necessary to face the pressure of the costs.

The Business could save their operation cost via Arctos network. Smart devices can directly connect to others in an encrypted transmission without any relay server in Arctos network.
System Pressure!
Enterprises usually use cloud systems as relay stations to build data transmission tools. However, more and more business services require the needs of video communication, if expanding the server with the limited bandwidth on public clouds usually will occupy the whole system bandwidth.

Arctos Network can reduce the cost and the need for relay servers by allowing smart devices to directly encrypted communication with each other, even if multiple locations
Time Cost!
To have a remote communication and file transmission function, the business will need to develop multi-operating systems like, applications, web, back-end systems, and file systems and databases that need to access the audio, video, documents and data.

If it is a legal franchise industry, there are strict inspections before entering the private cloud.

Arctos Network provides video communication and file transmission by allowing smart devices to directly encrypted communicate, also integrate the Application system, file system, and database.
Is there really necessary to build a communication system? Since the epidemic online meeting has become more and more common.

Arctos Network service can directly connect smart devices with encrypted transmission and communication. As the demand for audio-visual communication is increasing, and requirements more clarity. Arctos system can bring lower cost, secure ,and fast solution for the business.
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